Hi Nikhyl, thank you for all of this great advice. How can I go about contacting you about how to evaluate compensation?

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Hi Nikhyl, thanks so much for this article it’s super helpful. I wanted to ask how can we as candidates do reliable market research on a fair compensation package.

To be more specific, I was interviewing for product role for a startup that just raised a great series b. During the process they’ve asked me to interview for the head of marketing, which would sit directly below the Gm on a team of 17

When interviewing for the product role I had a good handle on a fair market rate. But with the change in role and responsibility I don’t know how to go about doing research for the role.

I’m trying to get a handle on it before they make their offer and was wondering how you would research?

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Interesting article as always Nikhyl. Can you please elaborate on this line in bonus section - "You’ll model your future earnings very differently if the company has paid 100% of the bonus each year versus 40%.". Thank you.

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Hi Nikhyl,

Thanks for these insights! You mentioned here that "if you take multiple short-tenure jobs, you might actually move backwards in your career.". Could you please elaborate on this a bit more? What would be considered short and how does this impact interviews (especially for director/vp type of roles)?


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