Who is talking to you about your career? Who is helping you chart your best path forward professionally? Is it your manager? Your spouse? Your best friends and co-workers? All of the above!? These people want the best for you, but their career advice can be inherently clouded by…
A guide to understanding and maximizing the stock in your compensation package.
Advice from Calendly, ClickUp, Divvy Homes, and Rubrik head of products.
Conventional wisdom doesn’t always apply to you and your career moves
Five questions that you should consider before any transition
I’m pleased to announce The Skip Podcast, an extension to the Skip Newsletter, devoted to helping tech professionals get ahead in their career. I will…
“My board tells me I need to scale myself and hire a head of product. So now that we’re hitting our stride, I’m thinking about kicking off a search for…
Problems are easy to spot in any company. What’s hard is to time and coax meaningful change, which is an advanced blend of art and science. Explore the…
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