A guide to understanding and maximizing the stock in your compensation package.
Advice from Calendly, ClickUp, Divvy Homes, and Rubrik head of products.

January 2023

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always apply to you and your career moves
Five questions that you should consider before any transition
I’m pleased to announce The Skip Podcast, an extension to the Skip Newsletter, devoted to helping tech professionals get ahead in their career. I will…

January 2022

“My board tells me I need to scale myself and hire a head of product. So now that we’re hitting our stride, I’m thinking about kicking off a search for…

September 2021

Problems are easy to spot in any company. What’s hard is to time and coax meaningful change, which is an advanced blend of art and science. Explore the…

June 2021

This is the first of three articles devoted to compensation. This one breaks down the key components of a compensation package, ensures you prioritize…

January 2021

Becoming a great executive requires a set of skills beyond what's needed to be a leader. Executive skills are subtle and can be elusive to managers…

November 2020

Important tips to help you choose the right next job, especially if it’s your first one. Don’t just optimize for culture, compensation, or manager…
Ensure you start a new job successfully by preparing two game plans. One should be a 100-day plan to make a strong first impression, and the other…

October 2020

Consider “If after 12 months I failed, where did we go wrong?”. This question is just as valuable when you aren’t looking for a new job as it’s critical…